If you have ever used gold to decorate your home you will surely admit that there is something about gold that makes it the perfect colour for décor. Maybe it’s because gold represents a kind of wealth that most people always dream about. Gold is a colour like no other. Original gold is quite expensive to buy and use in your décor. Especially if you are not part of the superrich. For us mere beings we prefer using fake gold for most of our décor. That includes using chandeliers and metal that is platted with fake gold. Although it isn’t as flamboyant it sure does look like the real thing.

Gold vs Silver

The battle of the metals or colours has raged on in the books of history. Silver used to be a very pricey metal until they discovered more of it around the world. This led to a decline in its value. However in the case of gold has remained stable over the past 2000 years. That’s why gold has become the epitome of wealth. That’s why you will prefer gold over silver. Even in popular culture gold has become a sign of wealth and success.

However when decorating your home using gold make sure not to send the wrong impressions. This has happened a lot. Some people end up sending the wrong impressions of their financial standings. This could easily make your relatives and friends jealous. You could even end up inviting a robbers into your home. Just make sure you send the right message to people that visit your home.

Gold can illuminate dark places

If there isn’t enough light in your home then using gold décor can be a great way to illuminate dark rooms. This is due to the colour and magnificence of gold.